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The Past, Present, and Future of Jake Kline

The Past



I entered this world on April 30th, 2002, under the steadfast sign of Taurus. Growing up in a household where creativity flowed effortlessly, my mother's role as a music teacher and my father's involvement as a community actor set the stage for my own artistic journey. Even in my earliest years, I found joy in performing, often entertaining my parents with impromptu shows. My debut on the stage was as a frog in the production of "Moses And The Freedom Fanatics," marking the beginning of a lifelong love for performing arts. As destiny would have it, I continued to hone my craft at a performing arts school throughout middle and high school, shaping my skills and deepening my passion. The unwavering support from my family and the rich tapestry of experiences have been the driving forces behind my early recognition and pursuit of my love for performance.



Presently, I am immersed in the vibrant world of BFA Musical Theatre at Indiana University, with an anticipated graduation in the spring of 2024. This phase of my journey is a dynamic exploration of my capabilities and an ongoing commitment to expanding my craft as a performer. Through the unique roles I undertake in college productions, I am delving into the possibilities of what my body and mind can achieve. As I navigate this path, I've discovered the intricate challenges of comedy, recognizing its inherent difficulty but embracing it as a valuable aspect of my artistic growth. Each moment in the present is a step forward in realizing my full potential as a performer and contributing to the rich tapestry of my artistic journey.

The Present

The Future


Looking towards the future, my aspirations extend to relocating to the bustling energy of the big city, where I aim to secure a steady income job while actively pursuing my passion for performing. New York City, with its vibrant arts scene, beckons as the next chapter in my journey. Armed with the skills and experiences cultivated during my four years at Indiana University, I am eager to make a significant impact and showcase the depth of my abilities. Through dedication, hard work, and a commitment to artistic expression, I envision not only establishing myself in the city's dynamic landscape but also leaving an indelible mark as Jake Kline, a performer ready to captivate and contribute to the artistic tapestry of New York City.

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